NarcBox Inception

In 2014, administration of the Unified Fire Authority in Salt Lake County, Utah, discovered that narcotics were missing from a drug box.   The investigation from the DEA and local police resulted in the health records of every employee being examined for narcotic prescriptions.  As a result, some personnel were charged with separate violations related to narcotic prescriptions, which they had no idea they had violated, the department was heavily criticized in the media and court of public opinion.



We saw a need for a better way.​

Our company at the time was providing various products for the Emergency Medical Services industry and was approached by several administrators of the Unified Fire Authority for solutions to avoid anything similar in the future.

We hired several top engineers in software and product development to design the NarcBox.  It took several years, multiple consultants from within the fire and EMS industry, US Drug Enforcement Agency, Board of Pharmacy, and extensive resourcing to produce the product available today.

Today and tomorrow

Today, NarcBox is being used by hundreds of fire and EMS agencies across the United States and Canada.  Our product is now being used in multiple other professional facilities that store and administer narcotics.  Software updates, integration with other software solutions, as well as advances in reporting and new hardware designs are constantly in the works.



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