Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still open the NarcBox even if I am out of WIFI range? 

Yes, PINS are stored on the NarcBox and the NarcBox can be opened even if out of WIFI range.  The NarcBox will automatically reconnect to WIFI when it is within range and will transmit all NarcBox events.



How many medics / employees can I load into our account? 

The NarcBox can hold approximately 10,000 employees.



Can I require 2 people to open the NarcBox (dual authentication)?  Or can I require 1 person to have two methods of identification to open the NarcBox (i.e. RFID card and PIN)?

Yes, both options are available and can be selected by any supervisor or administrator on the website.



Can I download, save, or print reports?

All reports can be viewed and saved in Microsoft Excel. 



How do I mount or secure the NarcBox to a wall or cabinet?

The NarcBox can be secured by drilling through any of the back or side walls (excluding the front or door).



Can I track medication usage with the NarcBox?

Yes, medication usage as well as waste can be tracked on the NarcBox.  A dispatch # or Electronic Patient Care Report # can also be attached to the event.  


How long does the internal battery last? 

The NarcBox can last up to 3 days on battery power. 


What are the WIFI connection requirements?  Is the information secured or encrypted?

The Narcbox will connect to common wifi Access Points using the 802.11b/g protocols. This covers the most common 2.4Ghz routers/access points.  WEP, WPA or Enterprise security is allowed.