• All NarcBox products are assembled in the United States. 

  • NarcBox software updates are rendered over the product's WiFi connection and executed through the administration portal; no need to update each box individually, or ever be out of service.

  • Custom system configuration and designs are available.  Please contact our engineering staff for further information.

  • All NarcBox configurations offer 5-digit pin, fingerprint briometrics, RFID card, and FOB access, with single or dual authentication capability.

  • Please click here for warranty information.

NarcBox Standard


The NarcBox Standard is ideal for EMS vehicles.  The box can connect to the vehicle's WiFi, or store data and transmit upon connecting to an authorized WiFi system (back at the station, etc.)

NarcBox XL


The NarcBox XL is a larger casing for clinical, storage or EMS vehicles.  The box can connect to WiFi, or store data and transmit.

NarcBox HQ


The NarcBox HQ resolves the narcotic storage challenges for supply rooms.  The NarcBox HQ fully integrates with NarcBox Standard and/or the NarcBox XL, rendering a fully-controlled system for any agency.